Brora Design Project

March 2021 – May 2021

Project Brief

Earlier this year, Brora gave us a brief to create a design to sell as a special edition jumper for Wool week 2021. This was to be insired by the town of Elgin and surrounding areas, where the historic mill is located.

My chosen theme throughout this project is broken patterns and interrupted design, inspired by key points in and around Elgin. The physical damage is largely due to the passage of time and the consequential weathering of structures and landscape, both man-made and natural. I think there is beauty in this inevitable process, especially when you start to notice the line between natural and man-made becoming blurred.

I chose three key points to focus on within this project: Covesea rocks, Lossiemouth Footbridge and Elgin Cathedral. The erosion of the rocks, the weathering of the footbridge and the ruins of the Cathedral are all examples of structures that are at different stages of their lifetime, all succumbing to the passage of time.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of timeless is “not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion”. I want to create a thoughtful jumper design that correlates with Brora’s ethos of timeless design, yet inspired by the exact opposite. The weathered, damaged, broken, interrupted design that holds meaning and is a reminder that there is beauty in the passing of time.

“The ethos of Brora is still the same almost 30 years on: to create beautiful fashion that is stylish yet timeless.”

Victoria Stapleton
Founder & Creative Director of Brora

Research Board

Drawings and Development

Observational drawings, paintings and collages that focus on the key qualities of the three places. Broken and intersecting lines, repeating patterns and use of negative space.

Introducing a colour palette

This mood board demonstrates where I picked out key colours from my visual research and drawings. 

Development to knitting

A collection of knitted samples inspired by broken patterns. Locking the punchcard in places, switching between colours and playing with negative space. all helped me achieve this effect. 

Development Board

Designs in context

Using Procreateand Photoshop to visualise some of my favourite samples in context. 

Final Design

After submitting my project in May, Brora selected my final design to be made as a limited edition jumper for Wool Week 2021. 

Here I am wearing receiving and wearing the jumper!

I am so pleased to have had this opportunity to create a design for Brora and I have learnt so much throughout the whole design process.