The River Walk

September 2020 – December 2020

Project Brief

This project was centered around the longest river in Scotland, The River Tay, which is situated right next to Dundee
The river changes from day to day, from hour to hour, constantly moving in different ways. From the delicate light patterns reflecting off the surface, to the deep dark crashing waves and swirling currents. 

Underneath the delicate patterns of light dancing on the surface, there is a deep, dark heavy body of water. 

I wanted to explore this juxtaposition, as well as touching on the cultural significance of the Tay. Over centuries, It has been a constant in the lives of many who live here and has shaped the city to become what it is today. There is comfort in that constant and I hoped to reflect that within a piece of knitwear, in particular a scarf. This is something that brings warmth and comfort in its own way and I liked the idea of it carrying that deeper meaning every time you wore it. Perhaps even wearing it whilst walking down The River Walk. 

Drawings and Development

Using a variety of medium to 

Development to knitting

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